July 10, 2009

we've been 7 months, yes we passed it

this story is about both of us, our love, our life, and our anniversary. hmmm. i dont think so this is the greatest post around my blog. im just telling about me and him relationship's anniversary. we've been 7 months since 7th december of 2008. we have passed our black memories, we go through difficult things, with happy and sad together. we care and we know each other. this isnt easy anymore. we like to do the most fool things, like Donald duck's voice or other. haha. x)
we've been 7 months baby
the first words that im said to my boyfriend (see above). "dont makes me feels disappointed, dont leave me alone, dont let me go, and i hope god will bless our relationship until our marriage. i love you, be sure youre the one dat i need. i dont need fuckin other to be like you" surely i cried feels like sober when i said like that to my boyfriend. i really love him, no one like him..