August 27, 2010

LET ME START OVER THESE SHITS.. More than just say hi!

LET ME START OVER THESE SHITS. This is ain't my first post in this blog. This blog created on last march.. Ernhh, I mean in 2009. So, I'm going to use this as my own purposes. I'll tell my whole NEW life in 2010, it doesnt mean i forget everything in the past, even my sickening-badness memories. And.... you can also distinguish which one is my blog-gallery, which one is my blog-diary. so, that thing will sort out the differences.

"Why do I give a blog title like this?"

First.. Because I couldnt possibly include the LONGEST experience here, mostly about my life, i decided to write short stories whenever I've spare time. But, i dont even busy. i used mozilla firefox all the time and it simply get crashed, also the lame internet connection. Btw. I'll post some original quotes* (*kudos)

Second.. I've stopped using strange names as the name of my blog, sometimes i choose a name that makes no sense and makes the readers confhushed hahahah. Like the previous name, zoloft get a long......

i dont have another reasons. i'm so pumped rite now! i've modified this blog, the layouts, appearance, and some posts are deleted.. DONT FORGET TO DROP YOUR SHOUT!!!!!!

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