August 27, 2010


A wise man once said: if we cant do good, dont do evil (?). Simple.. very simple indeed, but very deep meaning in the birth. An invitation to always do good: to help those in need, helping those in need, and ready to reach out to anyone without any strings attached.

The life we live is a gift, there's no reason for giving up. What we're doing, or whatever we have done .... that's us, that is our true portrait and it'll show who we really are.

Many things we can do, open our eyes, open our hearts, our sleeves and hear all their grievances sorrow stricken, please help.

Make a beautiful color in this life, color of each trace our footsteps to spread the colorful goodness. Nothing to lose if we do good and this will make our lives into a beautiful.. Believe me, no matter how small kindness surely we will get the reward, and vice versa.

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